(Hej snyggingar! Kom på att jag skulle lägga in min novell här, som jag skrev som en engelskauppsats i skolan nyligen. Om ni är intresserade av att läsa! Den är under temat "Thrill & Suspense". Om någon vill läsa fortsättningen så säg till i kommentarerna så lägger jag in resten!)

Footsteps slowly pressing dead leaves against the ground. Wrinkly hands shaking from the cold and a tired face filled with angst.

As the silent forest embraced the man, his mind was elsewhere, in the past. In the moment of his greatest regret.


Trembling hands on the steering wheel. Blinding lights. The half full bottle of scotch in his lap. The crash.


It all came screaming back to him, so precise, like it happened a week ago. He leaned against one out of a thousand trees, shooting flickering gazes around him, as though the forest knew what he´d done. But the trees stayed as quiet and harmless as they always had been.

When the darkness began to fall, the man walked back to his small cabin near by. He made himself a cup of strong coffee and sat in his green chair, watching the eight o´clock news, just like he did every day. He knew it was wrong, but every time there´d been an accident, he actually felt comforted by it. Like he wasn´t alone with his grief. But how could he be happy over someone else´s sorrow? It was less for him to carry.

When the young reporter on the news told him to have a good evening, he turned the TV off and went straight to bed. His teeth were already rotten so why bother brushing them, he thought.

Though the evening had been as usual, the night was very different. The man was stuck in a worried sleep, tossing and turning from one side of the bed to the other. His legs were quivering. Voices filled his head. He couldn´t make out what they were saying but it felt so real, like they were all lying next to him, shouting in his ears. The sweat on his face glistened in the moonlight from outside the window and his skin was paler than ever. He was a prisoner in his own sleep that night, not knowing how to flee from those terrifying voices and icy winds making their way through the duvet.


sv; tack! :D

2010-11-06 @ 18:33:09
Postat av: Malin

Hej! Såg på din gamla blogg att du hade startat ett nytt fotoprojekt och letade efter modeller! Jag är jätte intresserad om fotograferingen ska hållas i närheten av Stockholm :) Bilder från tidigare fotograferingar finns på min blogg i kategorin fotograferingar :) Hör av dig om du är intresserad!

2010-11-07 @ 18:03:12
Postat av: Linda

sv: åh tack så mycket:)

2010-11-07 @ 22:28:35
Postat av: Rebecca

svar: tack så sjukt mkt :D

2010-11-19 @ 20:46:11
Postat av: Noor

Hej! Jag såg ett väldigt gammalt inlägg av dig på devotes forum där det stod att du kunde göra headers mha photoshop. Jag är i desperat behov av en fin header och undrar om du kan hjälpa mig! Väldigt fin blogg och jag skulle gärna vilja läsa fortsättningen på novellen! :)

2010-11-19 @ 23:29:17

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