There had to be a way, right? This wasn´t just something inexplicable, it was... abnormal. Impossible. The thoughts that I had tried to suppress before were suddenly all I could focus on. Maybe there was an explanation? Maybe... Maybe there was a reason, or something that could make me understand why I had to live this way, and make it... worth living for.
   When the sun began to rise I finally got up, my legs were numb from sitting still for so long. Though I had not slept at all I didn´t feel tired. My body and brain just acted as if things were all right.
   I walked straight to the kitchen after a little nagging from my stomach, screeching for food. Glistening light rays shone through the blinds, forming a striped pattern on the kitchen table. The pattern dissappeared the second I rolled up the blinds. I set the table the way I always did. A carton of milk and cereal that most likely contained more sugar than anything else. At least that´s what my mother used to say when I was a kid and she swapped the cereal I had sneaked into the trolley for some wholegrain crap that tasted like paper. Well, now I could have my daily sugar. My place, my decision. I celebrated that fact with a full spoon, a perfect blend of milk and yellow loops.

(Om ni vill läsa dom tidigare delarna av boken kan ni klicka HÄR. De ligger nämligen på min gamla blogg. Ska försöka överföra dem hit senare!)

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